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Magic flying carpet baby blanket

Amazing how my camera works outside in daylight. This baby blanket flew together like Magic. Sometimes projects are just meant to be. I started with the glow in the dark owl fabric. A nice big square of it, already perfectly sized for a baby blanket. I know Avery’s room is done in purple, and I had plenty of this purple quilting cotton. It was in two narrow strips, so there is a centre seam, but who cares? If I wasn’t in such a rush for the baby shower TONIGHT I would have matched the pattern at the seam as I certainly had enough to do that.   

 This silver bias tape was again, a scrap from my stash. A perfect finish. I normally fold under the ends all proper and everything, but babies love to suck on and fiddle with bits of ribbon so I left the bias tape long and knotted it to prevent fraying. I LOVE bias tape. I use it ALL the time. I love the way it looks, and how tidy it finishes everything off. If you have trouble using it, watch some tutorials on you tube. The RIGHT way to put it on is to open it right up for the first seam….


Construction begins. This fabric I chose for the “batting” was given to me. It was sitting in my Damn Now What bin after a failed attempt to make a pullover cloak for the pool for my son. I had again, EXACTLY enough. It THRILLS me when I pull pieces out of my stash to put together, and I have exactly the right amount for the project. It tells me I am doing the right thing at the right time, and I always say a reverent prayer of thanks for my stash every time this happens. 


I HATE HATE HATE this fabric. It’s that microfibre for towels and cleaning cloths, you know the stuff? What better to line a baby blanket with??? Soft, and absorbent!!!! And after its sewn into the blanket, you never have to touch it’s horrible feeling surface again! 

I am very very happy with the finished project. I am going to wash it and dry it with some nice smelling fabric softener and wrap it up. That’s a wrap!!!😀


Avery Stoik Baby Blanket


Turquoise bias tape for the sides. 

This owl fabric with purple in it glows in the dark. 

Silver bias tape for the top. 


My iPad continues to suc at true representation of color. Very disappointing. She is doing her baby’s room in purple, so this should be lovely. I don’t have any quilt batt. I think I have some navy or black polar fleece to use as quilt batt between these two cotton fabrics.