Flying squirrel pyjamas post #1

I have a lot I want to say about this project. I’ve tried not to be too wordy, but I am going to have to get wordy.
First of all, I’ve had mixed feelings about this project, beginning to end. In the beginning, it was exciting, but it was scary. When I started sewing, it seem to be coming together so well. I was so proud of the project as a whole, quick and easy. Then it came time to finish the neckline. I thought won’t this uber cute bias tape give a neat finish to these odd Jammies. That is where the problems began. With the zipper at the top, I finished it over and over, only to rip it out again and again, because one side was higher than the other. So ugly. I should have taken pictures, now that I think about it.
Historically, (and, yes, I CAN use that term here because I have been machine sewing since I was 8) this is the time in the project I would throw it into the bottomless heap until a new solution flew into my funnel so to speak.
But. These were for my son, who would outgrow them before I finished them, and be forever disappointed as well, if I did that.
Also, the whole reason for this BLOG is to make me clear out my stash. If I just keep throwing half finished projects back in there, I am not making the mess any better.
So I forced myself to address the issue, whenever I had a few minutes, until a new plan came together. This was very uncomfortable for me. Very unpleasant.
BUT!!!! An answer did come to mind. I sewed the bias tape TOGETHER in a continuous circle FIRST before attaching it to the neckline. Then, after it was COMPLETLY secure, and top stitched in place, I ripped out the few stitches holding the two sides of the circle together. VIOLA. Perfectly matching sides above the zipper.
Am I happy they are done? Yes.
Are they well made without obvious errors? Yes, and no errors on finished garment.
Do I have that, Horray! Check it out, isn’t this wonderful? I made it, YA! Feeling?
No. Defiantly no.
So, sure, my son is thrilled with them, sure I turned scraps (cuffs) and fabric from my stash into a useable item, but if it doesn’t bring me that burst of JOY, what’s the point of sewing at all???









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