Monday’s for Me…cut out projects

I was so worried I wasn’t going to get any time to cut out my projects on Monday I did a crazy thing. Everyone was asleep by the time the baby went down after her last feed on Sunday night. I could hear my husband snoring soft and steady. I got out my pattern pieces and my fabrics and I laid them out by the light of the stove light. My heart was pounding! I was sure I was going to get caught, one of my millions of children would wake up and say, Mommy, what are you doing? I moved like a ninja, in stealth mode, being careful not to make a sound. Each time a snore would escape my husbands nostrils, crunch would go my scissors and another slice of fabric was done.
It was incredibly exhilarating. It has been many, many years, since I have cut out a project COMPLETLY alone. It fed my soul in ways I can not even explain. I made no mistakes. And I went to bed, late, and no one was the wiser, but I felt so incredibly pleased with how Much I had accomplished.

Church lady said she would come by around 1pm on Monday. I was very happy to hear this. I did all my dishes as soon as the kids went to school, and by 10 am I was cutting out another project.

The inspiration for this project is something called the flying squirrel pyjama. When it’s not so late at night and I’m not so rushed I will edit this entry to include a link to the ZipaDee website. My son saw the pjs and went berserkers. I should have just ordered them for him, but my pride told me I could make them. EASY.

Cutting the first attempt at flying squirrel pyjamas was NOT FUN. I NEVER sew without a pattern. My back was sweating as I cut them out. As it is, I think I cut away too much fabric. They should have basically stayed a square of fabric with cuffs for arms and legs.

I might not even sew this attempt, because my time is so limited. I might just make a square with cuffs, using his existing Jammie’s to make sure I get enough height for him.







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