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Flying squirrel pyjamas post #1

I have a lot I want to say about this project. I’ve tried not to be too wordy, but I am going to have to get wordy.
First of all, I’ve had mixed feelings about this project, beginning to end. In the beginning, it was exciting, but it was scary. When I started sewing, it seem to be coming together so well. I was so proud of the project as a whole, quick and easy. Then it came time to finish the neckline. I thought won’t this uber cute bias tape give a neat finish to these odd Jammies. That is where the problems began. With the zipper at the top, I finished it over and over, only to rip it out again and again, because one side was higher than the other. So ugly. I should have taken pictures, now that I think about it.
Historically, (and, yes, I CAN use that term here because I have been machine sewing since I was 8) this is the time in the project I would throw it into the bottomless heap until a new solution flew into my funnel so to speak.
But. These were for my son, who would outgrow them before I finished them, and be forever disappointed as well, if I did that.
Also, the whole reason for this BLOG is to make me clear out my stash. If I just keep throwing half finished projects back in there, I am not making the mess any better.
So I forced myself to address the issue, whenever I had a few minutes, until a new plan came together. This was very uncomfortable for me. Very unpleasant.
BUT!!!! An answer did come to mind. I sewed the bias tape TOGETHER in a continuous circle FIRST before attaching it to the neckline. Then, after it was COMPLETLY secure, and top stitched in place, I ripped out the few stitches holding the two sides of the circle together. VIOLA. Perfectly matching sides above the zipper.
Am I happy they are done? Yes.
Are they well made without obvious errors? Yes, and no errors on finished garment.
Do I have that, Horray! Check it out, isn’t this wonderful? I made it, YA! Feeling?
No. Defiantly no.
So, sure, my son is thrilled with them, sure I turned scraps (cuffs) and fabric from my stash into a useable item, but if it doesn’t bring me that burst of JOY, what’s the point of sewing at all???









Monday’s for Me…cut out projects

I was so worried I wasn’t going to get any time to cut out my projects on Monday I did a crazy thing. Everyone was asleep by the time the baby went down after her last feed on Sunday night. I could hear my husband snoring soft and steady. I got out my pattern pieces and my fabrics and I laid them out by the light of the stove light. My heart was pounding! I was sure I was going to get caught, one of my millions of children would wake up and say, Mommy, what are you doing? I moved like a ninja, in stealth mode, being careful not to make a sound. Each time a snore would escape my husbands nostrils, crunch would go my scissors and another slice of fabric was done.
It was incredibly exhilarating. It has been many, many years, since I have cut out a project COMPLETLY alone. It fed my soul in ways I can not even explain. I made no mistakes. And I went to bed, late, and no one was the wiser, but I felt so incredibly pleased with how Much I had accomplished.

Church lady said she would come by around 1pm on Monday. I was very happy to hear this. I did all my dishes as soon as the kids went to school, and by 10 am I was cutting out another project.

The inspiration for this project is something called the flying squirrel pyjama. When it’s not so late at night and I’m not so rushed I will edit this entry to include a link to the ZipaDee website. My son saw the pjs and went berserkers. I should have just ordered them for him, but my pride told me I could make them. EASY.

Cutting the first attempt at flying squirrel pyjamas was NOT FUN. I NEVER sew without a pattern. My back was sweating as I cut them out. As it is, I think I cut away too much fabric. They should have basically stayed a square of fabric with cuffs for arms and legs.

I might not even sew this attempt, because my time is so limited. I might just make a square with cuffs, using his existing Jammie’s to make sure I get enough height for him.






Card Crafting.

I’m really mad and depressed. I have allowed a woman from my church to push herself into my Monday’s for Me because she wants to HELP me with the housework. Why am I such a push over???? I was so looking forward to spending the day cutting out projects tomorrow.
Last week, however, was very successful. I spent the day making cards. I used my Cricut machine and the new Artfully Sent Cartridge my husband bought me for Christmas. He spent a lot of money ordering it for me from Creative Memories, and I was getting antsy to make good on his investment.


The iPad still sucks at taking pictures. Look at how clear and focused the edge of the antique hutch is. But the card? Totally blurry and out of focus.
Yay me.


I need more.


Everyone always says I have so much thread at home I really should use up first but I say no. A little tiny spool of exactly the right color thread to finish your project perfectly is worth the couple of bucks up front.

I sew from my stash of fabric and stash of notions quite often from start to finish without ever running out for anything extra. I clearly have too much, but the right colour of thread every time would be wonderful.

So I hope I don’t buy any more fabric for a long time to come, but if I do, I am going to buy a small spool of thread in the perfect match for each new fabric.

Don’t you agree that it would be nice to have more colours of thread on hand?