Happy New Year 2015

Well everything is different with my baby girl. Her eczema is so bad it takes up a lot of time to constantly moisturize her skin to keep her from scratching herself. All my boys took both breast and bottle right from birth, my baby girl refuses all man made nipples, so she is exclusively breast fed. All my sewing projects….I have had to COMPLETLY rethink what can get done.
Some girlfriends and I have started quilting together one evening a month for a few hours. Sometimes I get a lot done, sometimes all I do is sooth a crying itchy baby while my friends sew.
I dearly love to sew. Our few hours together each month are helping me hold on to my sanity. I need to focus on enjoying each moment with my machine, not think about how little I am actually getting done.
So I’ve started a little cotton quilt for my baby with the bad eczema. She can’t wear any clothes or have any blankets made of polyester as it makes her eczema worse.
These are some squares I have done for her quilt. I need to buy some blender green quilt cotton for my next set of squares.



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