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This is the definition of insanity. Sitting down and doing nothing while I am breastfeeding makes me crazy. Sometimes I simply yell out commands for housekeeping for every family member in sight. Other times I work on the above ridiculous project. I am making a rainbow loom rubber rug for my bathroom. I have used about 2000 rainbow loom elastics to date. At the moment the oval measures about 8 inches by about 20 inches.
I will probably keep it forever. When I die, and they go through my things, they will say, dear God, what is this ancient ugly rubber thing.


Fabric storage bin

This is my new system. I think you can still buy these metal grid storage systems at Home Depot, or Jysk, or Bed Bath and Beyond. They come with plastic corners to join the squares together, but I find these plastic corners unstable in insecure. So I construct my cubes with zip ties. By building individual cubes instead of a larger multicube unit, I can pull down or cart around one bin of fabric at a time.
Someday I hope to sort my fabric by color. A green bin, a blue bin, a pink bin, a black bin, etc. For now, I don’t care about that. For now, I simply want all my fabric in the same place in my house and I want it all visible and I want it all accessible. It that too much too ask?
I’m going to need more zip ties.


Zip ties.

Grey pants

I can’t remember anything, so I don’t know if I’ve blogged about this pair before or not.
Do you ever sew something that makes you feel like you actually have no idea how to sew whatsoever? That is how these pants made me feel. It didn’t matter what I did, every step of the way, every 6 inches of seam or so, something went wrong. The truth is, I was rushing. My sewing always goes terribly wrong when I rush. But who wouldn’t rush, when you only have a few minutes to sew before the baby cries again?
Now what, you are probably thinking, made you finish them? Why not hurl them into the depths of the basement, never to be seen again?
Well, halfway through, I DID throw them away into the bottomless pit of half finished sewing projects. I was hoping to not see them again until I dreamt a solution to the problem of their construction.
What actually happened is a curious 9 year old boy dug them out and exclaimed the following….
Oh, Mom! These look AWESOME! Who are these for? If you make these for me, I will LOVE them!

So I bit my tongue and ground my teeth and began afresh to bring this construction project to a close.
I think, personally, they turned out awful. I expect every seam to burst the first time he wears them / washes them.

I think there are a couple of things I would like to do in order to prevent having another project go badly like this, after all, at the moment, I never want to sew another pair of pants as long as I live.

There are two areas that I think I need to get brought up to date on, sewing machine needle sizes and types and when to use what….
And also some tips and tricks when sewing sports or nylon stretch or dance material.

The fabric is really cool. (For boys track pants) And, the fact that I had exactly enough neon yellow piping to do both full leg lengths got me excited and made me think the project was made to be.

It’s done, but this pair of pants cost me a lot, in time, and in frustration. These are NOT what I want to be part of my sewing experience.

I think I will stick to quilting in my own Cheater way and forget about clothes for a while.

After I took these photos I measured the 9 year old and added the elastic waistband. I will try to catch a shot of him wearing them.





Happy New Year 2015

Well everything is different with my baby girl. Her eczema is so bad it takes up a lot of time to constantly moisturize her skin to keep her from scratching herself. All my boys took both breast and bottle right from birth, my baby girl refuses all man made nipples, so she is exclusively breast fed. All my sewing projects….I have had to COMPLETLY rethink what can get done.
Some girlfriends and I have started quilting together one evening a month for a few hours. Sometimes I get a lot done, sometimes all I do is sooth a crying itchy baby while my friends sew.
I dearly love to sew. Our few hours together each month are helping me hold on to my sanity. I need to focus on enjoying each moment with my machine, not think about how little I am actually getting done.
So I’ve started a little cotton quilt for my baby with the bad eczema. She can’t wear any clothes or have any blankets made of polyester as it makes her eczema worse.
These are some squares I have done for her quilt. I need to buy some blender green quilt cotton for my next set of squares.