Leanika by Dena easy to sew tote bag 1

This is a panel I bought at work. I should have taken a pic before I cut it all out, but I was excited. Tis a bag. I am going to of course make it more complicated than the panel calls for, a bad habit of mine with all my sewing projects. I am going to line it, and put zippers down the sides, to give access to the fat deep bottom.
This panel is so pretty. I have wanted to sew it since I started working there, and now that I have a baby girl, I’ve decided I can have a PINK bag.
The panel includes bag, gusset, and strap pieces. I will be lining the gusset and the bag.



20140801-211404-76444138.jpg<br /
This is a close up of the print pattern on the front and back of the bag.
Hopefully I get this put together soon. I want to add zippered pockets on the inside, but I believe that is above my skill level still. I look forward to questions and comments. Happy sewing!


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