One more pair of pants

Today is June 30. C section for baby number 4 is scheduled for July 11. Hubby is home all summer now from teaching. Kids are home all summer now from school. As a result, this will probably be my very last sewing post for a while. Hubby’s parents will be here from the 10th to the 28th, and I won’t sew while they are here. My mother in law works too hard looking after every little thing for me to sit around and play with fabric right in front of her. I feel like I am insulting her efforts.

So here we are! This fabric is again from the treasure stash I was given by a fellow hobby seamstress the who was purging her stash. It is WEIRD fabric and I would have NEVER  chosen it myself. Makes me wonder what her plans were for it. My iPad sucks at color representation in the photos, but it is a dark grey, so I am going to sew it in black, rather than trying to purchase enough thread in the exact matching color for my recently acquired serger.

It’s Definatly a knit, and it’s for sure 100 percent synthetic. It reminds me of those weird sport pants men wear with the very fitted calves…for running, or biking, I don’t know, must be for some very specific sport. Anyways, I thought what perfect fabric for boys track pants, for boys sport pants.

Also in the treasure trove of trims, was this fluorescent yellow cording. Well lots of boys sport pants have this kind of cording down the side seam. Adding that design element to the construction of the garment is for sure a little out of my league, especially with all the distractions I sew with. But I really, really want to try it. I really really want to accomplish it. I will just have to go slow. Pin and check each seam before I sew.

I look forward to your comments. Now I am going to cut out the pieces!

image image image image


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