Magnussons patchwork blankie

This project was incredibly disappointing to me personally. I learned so much as I worked on this ugly little thing…I am too stubborn to quit working on it, but I am tired of each step not working. But I learned lots. I was so proud of myself when I first discovered this method of patchwork construction, and my first project, was beautiful, and I gifted it to my mother in law.

I have decided that 3 x 3 pattern is too small, there is too much bias tape involved then. If I do a 3 x 3  pattern again, I will join 4 squares of 3×3 first before joining them to the backing.

Also, to, I stitched most of the top stitching in a contrasting color because I thought it would be “cool”. Well, it wasn’t cool. It looks terrible on the back. So in the end I switched to a matching thread for the top stitching.

I ran out of one of at least two of the fabrics in the process. This was supposed to be big enough for a twin bed, but I got to this point, and realized I had run out of three MORE of the fabrics. So I got the bee in my bonnet to just finish of the edges.

I will soon post pics.



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